Join us on the journey of MUSICAL EXPEDITION

Our mission is to bring the beauty of music to everyone and everywhere! Mix it with the noise of the forest and the singing of birds. To show the beauty of harmony to people who have never heard the works of great composers live. After all, according to statistics, no more than 5% of the world is interested in academic music, which means we will be able to open a new world for many thousands of people! We will complement chamber and symphony concerts with evenings of jazz, electronic and folk music.

We plan to take a limited number of romantic travelers with us on each Expedition, to whom we invite them to become participants in the event. Our co-expedients will have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity and experience the uniqueness of new places. ​

In addition to the opportunity to communicate with musicians, we organize local food and drinks for our guests wherever we go, interesting meetings and stories from local old-timers, unusual routes and much more!

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