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Swiss quality infused
with Russian soul

The history of Golden Nights in Switzerland started in 2014 with the Russian Comedy Club’s gala evening at Montreux Palace. Since then we have held dozens of private, corporate, and public events of different formats – from private social functions held in Switzerland’s finest reception halls to boisterous folk jamborees. We set up events infused with Russian soul and Swiss quality. Our guests appreciate the satisfaction of communication, cultural traditions, aesthetic pleasure, and comfortable service.

We believe that lively, meaningful communication is essential to human well-being. That cultural traditions are part of the foundation for the all-round development of the individual. That positive emotions are energy and life itself. We believe the love, faith, hope, patience, and understanding fellow human beings all make someone a Person. We believe that by helping people from the bottom of our hearts, we make ourselves and the world a little happier.

We are inspired by our work with artists who are leaders in their field, who set the tone and carry the deepest values through their performances. We held gala evenings with Quartet I, Leonid Agutin and a Benefit Ball with Konstantin Khabensky, Boris Andrianov, Olga Tolkmit, and Ksenia Bashmet. The next Ball with Igor Vernik, Basinia Shulman, Alexander Boldachev, and other wonderful performers will take place in the fall. We provide all our experience in organizing events in Switzerland and throughout Europe so that you can give family, friends, and colleagues the joy of an event tailor-made like a Haute Couture suit.

Golden Nights in Switzerland events are the quintessence of music, dance, literature, gastronomy, humor, and excitement. They hold vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions. They mean comfort and impeccable service. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to enjoy a variety of multifaceted Russian culture, while in the heart of Europe. We set up public events for those who consider it important to communicate face-to-face with successful, unconventional representatives from across the multicultural Swiss landscape. After all, new contacts, including business-related ones, are easier to establish and reinforce in a singular atmosphere of celebration. For the Slavic community in Switzerland, our events are an opportunity to feel at home: for people to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and traditions of familiar holidays, talk to their children about Russian culture, and share the cheer with loved ones.

The Russian Embassy and Honorary Consulate of Russia in Switzerland officially lends their support to some of the events for Golden Nights in Switzerland, as do many partners and sponsors throughout Switzerland and Russia.

Zlata Smirnova, founder

Our Team

Our cohesive team is comprised of specialists with various backgrounds from Russia and Switzerland who exhibit passion for these events. We play out events from the world of ideas in the real world, and put events together into the most complex jigsaw puzzles with all our experience and soulfulness embeded into each festival. This is just what produces irreproachable results – the calling card of Golden Nights in Switzerland.

Working with people who are on the same wave as you is the greatest value. And I’m happy to be part of our wonderful team.

Zlata Smirnova, founder

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Equipage 2022

Bus trip with a guide to Andermatt to Suvorov’s places for the day of Russia.

& media

Equipage 2022

Bus trip with a guide to Andermatt to Suvorov’s places for the day of Russia.