Treasures of Russia

Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne
16 october 2021

More than 250 guests from Switzerland, Russia, Europe, and America attended a unique cultural event that all its participants will remember for long.

The Ball’s guests enjoyed a unique program woven into an artistic scenario based on the leitmotif of the “Nutcracker” ballet. Ballmasters Ekaterina Grafodatskaya and Dmitry Platov created such a bright and mesmerizing energy, that virtually no couple left who did not come out to the dance floor.

Brilliant artists and opera singers performed masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Strauss, Kalman, Brahms, and Dvorak and legendary Russian compositions “Along St. Petersburg Way,” “Long Way” and “Black Eyes”: Soprano Alina Yarovaya, soloist of Bolshoi and bass Fyodor Tarasov, guest soloist of Bolshoi contemporary king of harp Alexander Boldachev, virtuoso pianist Basinia Shulman, Zurich Opera’s first cellist Lev Sivkov and Geneva’s plastic studio theater “BELOE”.

The leading soloists of the Grand Theater of Geneva and the stars of “Russian Ballet Jewels” project – Yumi Aizawa and Oscar Salguero presented a modern interpretation of the classical ballet the “Nutcracker.” The musical accompaniment to the Ball was provided by Chamberries chamber orchestra.

The II Grand Charity Ball “Russian Treasures” was one of the biggest and most successful events of the post-pandemic period. Life and dance as one of its brightest embodiments finally triumphed.

Zlata Smirnova, the organizer of the Treasure of Russia Ball, head of the event agency Russian Night in Switzerland:
“Do you believe in fairy tales? I do, just as Cinderella believed she would get to the Ball, and she helped others to prepare for it. And a miracle happened! Our Ball took place despite all the obstacles. Radiant smiles, dancing couples, beauty, and regal simplicity reigned at the Ball. Love for life took over the harsh realities, filled the hearts of all guests with joy, and proved – inexorably – believe in your dreams, and they will definitely come true!

“Russian Night in Switzerland” team would like to express their endless gratitude to all the partners and sponsors for their support as well as to the artists, masters of ceremony – Valdis Pelsh, Kristina Chehriy, and “flower fairie” – Tatiana Tridvorova for inspiration and exquisite decorations. All the guests felt and noted the excellent organization of the evening and the attention to every detail.

The Ball was supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Switzerland, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation at the United Nations Office in Geneva, the General Honorary Consulate of Russia in Lausanne, its head — researcher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Frederik Paulsen and 32 sponsors and partners, Russian and Swiss companies. Mr. Sergey Garmonin, ambassador of Russia in Switzerland and ambassador of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Office in Geneva Mr. Gennady Gatilov made a welcoming speech.

Ambassador of Russia in Switzerland Sergey Garmonin, who spoke at the Ball’s opening, stressed the great importance of this cultural event. “Holding this ball here in Switzerland will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening friendship between the peoples of our two countries and will be a platform to continue learning about Russian culture and Russian art for those who are interested in the history of Russia and its rich cultural heritage.”

The attraction for Russian culture is combined with the fact that there are not many significant events with emotional coloring and deep meaning in Switzerland. Therefore, events such as the Ball are of great interest to the Swiss and expats from other European countries. At the second Grand Charity Ball, “Russian Treasures,” the Swiss guests were more numerous than before.

Zlata Smirnova, the organizer of the Treasure of Russia Ball, head of the “Russian Night in Switzerland” event agency:
“The heart fills with joy when you see so many smiling, happy faces. And these are people of different nationalities and cultures united by the idea of a Ball. I feel a great tradition of Russian Balls in Switzerland was born. It was held for the second time – we did everything for it, and I hope our team will try to do even more next year! I am very pleased that we raised money for charity”.

The charity auction raised 26,500 Swiss francs. The funds will be donated to the “Life Line” charitable foundation for the treatment of children and to the “Artist” charity to help elderly actors.

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