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For those who like to celebrate
at full blast

Do you want to set up something that is not just another corporate party, but a show that will be remembered for a long time to come – one that will set the new standard for holidays? Or, perhaps, you have decided to astonish some wedding guests, and give your friend an exceptional gift for his/her birthday? An exclusive performance put on by a Russian star is that trump card up your sleeve.

There are several sayings about these stars in the Russian language. Our favorite one is about how a person will even pick a star out of the sky for those who are nearest and dearest. And we really are willing to “pick out” that star for you, so that your guests during the celebration will say, “This is simply far-outness!”

Let’s be honest: yes, it costs money. But seeing the delight on the faces of those sitting near you at the holiday table, dancing to familiar songs until the dawn breaks, unceremoniously chatting with a cultural icon as if you were at home – all of this is much, much more valuable. And we know that for sure, since we have already had the Quarter I, residents of the Comedy Club, Leonid Agutin, Konstantin Khabenskiy, and other stars attend our events.

Ultimately, it is with good reason that many believe that we Russians are not people who do anything by halves. And if need be we will move mountains in our work. But we also know how to have fun and set the sky reeling. Because we can allow ourselves that!

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