Wedding & bachelor party

& bachelor party

A celebration that you will remember your entire life!

Have you had dreams since childhood about a wedding ceremony “just like the movies” – walking towards the altar while the gentle melodies of violins resound? Or about a fairy-tale wedding: a magnificent dress, feasting in a castle, and, naturally, a knight in shining armor? Or maybe you miss Russian merrymaking, where the bridegroom has to pay a ransom to free his wife and people cry out “Gorko!” (slang for Kiss!).

Don’t put any restrictions on your fantasy! There are, after all, numerous genres and styles to organize a wedding. Think about how you want to spend this stupendous day – and then entrust us to do all the rest. We will not let a single detail that will comprise this truly unique celebration escape our attention: from the wine appellation that graces your table to the boutonniere in the bridegroom’s buttonhole.

Give yourself the main gift – free yourself from the hassles and simply enjoy the happiness, laughter, love, and communicating with those dearest to you.

And, of course, do not forget about the celebrations that are a must for a Russian wedding: the bachelor and bachelorette parties. For our ancestors, they symbolized how the bride and groom acquired a new status. And now you can choose: if you want, you can stick to all the ceremonial subtleties, unplaiting braids of hair and singing drinking songs. Or, if you want, throw the hottest party of the year – one which all your friends will remember on every wedding anniversary.

Whatever you decide, we will take care of all the organizational hassles. We will arrange a celebration on any scale for you, and anywhere you wish. A yacht? An excellent choice! Maybe a castle? Why not? A trendy restaurant? With great pleasure! A night club set aside especially for you? We will do it! Party to your heart’s content, utter words of congratulations, and let rivers of champagne flow since, as they say, we have an occasion!

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