Chef-table & master-class

& master-class

Succumb to the art
of hedonism!

In restaurants, the chef’s table is a table for those guests personally invited to come by the chef. They try dishes that are not on the menu, and listen to stories about how everything is prepared, and what it is made of.

We can set up your own personal “chef’s table” without tedious flights, or the need to book six months in advance. If you desire, the maestro can go to see you right in your own home. We invite the true stars in their field from Russia and Switzerland – from the Gault Millau guide, those who hold Michelin stars, or those who have received the Bocuse d’Or award.

Share this exquisite meal with friends, colleagues, or business partners, and yet another vivid time will appear in your slew of pleasant experiences. The wines from the list created especially for you will emphasize and enrich the tastes and aromas of the dishes.

But maybe you want to learn how to cook something incredible – or, conversely, something markedly traditional. Or you might want to try a gourmet variation on a familiar meal. You will have one of the world’s best teachers.

Some will say that food is just a trifle. But are trifles not just what makes up the proverbial Art de Vivre?

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