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Treat yourself to the holiday
that you deserve

Do you need a singular occasion to gather the entire family together, or invite over your favorite friends? We propose turning your living room into a concert hall, or a theater, for one evening. Listen to your favorite classics performed live, or poetry read by a professional actor, have a laugh at the monologue spun by a stand-up comedian, or watch a chamber performance.

Besides that, a concert at home will be a wonderful supplement, or even a surprise, to any celebration. For example, at your own birthday. A well-known Russian song says that a birthday happens only once a year. And let this one time charge you and your loved ones with energy and positive emotions for the remaining 364 days!

Let this day bring you cheer, and leave all the arrangements and hassles to us. Relax in peace, chat, delight in the atmosphere, and, naturally, accept words of congratulations and gifts. After all, today it is important for your relatives and friends, colleagues, and business partners to say how much you mean to them. Do not deprive them of this opportunity!

Anything can become an idea for your birthday – memories of your hometown, your favorite movie, a hobby. If you like theme parties, we will make sure that the style is maintained right down to the smallest details. If your status presupposes an opulent celebration, and you do not like to be the center of attention, we will make sure that everything takes place without your personal attendance. If you want to surprise your guests, we will help you put on a solo performance, record a song that you perform in the studio, or think up an entire stage production with you in the lead role. Because this is your day alone, and all your desires should come true this day!

Have you been invited to a milestone birthday, and you need to give a gift that holds deep meaning? It could be an entire film about the star of the birthday and his/her family.
Do not limit your fantasies, and celebrate in earnest – we will help you!

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