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Golden Hands 25/01

25 january 2023 | hotel des trois couronnes

Creative workshop on neurography «12 wishes». It was an amazing experience, which we were helped by Natalia Perlotto — master neurographicist and sommelier Anna Schenk. We are grateful to the participants for their enthusiasm and for the tremendous energy that prevailed at the event. We all felt that we were part of something special!

Живая книга 18/01

18 january 2023 | Java, lausanne

Мы были несказанно рады вашему участию в первой встрече дискуссионного клуба «Живая книга», посвящённой волшебному языку сказок!⁣⁣ Мы благодарны нашим первым участникам — это была воистину душевная встреча с эрудированными и интеллигентными людьми в уютной дружеской атмосфере кафе Java в Лозанне.


Rochers de Naye

17 september 2022

We did it! The second hike, this time on the Rochers de Naye above Montreux, went off with a bang! In great company, we climbed a bird’s eye view over Lake Geneva. Fantastic views, clean air, and an energy boost! And we ended admiring the incredible sunset on the terrace of the restaurant Le Coucou Caux. The day was a success!

lac de taney

28 August 2022

We did it! The summit of Grammont has been conquered! In the company of the hardiest and bravest, we had an unforgettable trip to Lake Taney and the summit of Grammont. Fantastic mountain views, swimming in the lake, lunch in a cosy restaurant. The day was a success!

Equipage to Andermatt

12 june 2022 / andermatt

Bus trip with a guide to Andermatt to Suvorov’s places for the day of Russia. There were more than 40 of us, we visited the St. Gottard Pass, laid flowers at the memorial to Suvorov’s associates and visited the Suvorov Museum in Andermatt.


II Grand Charity Ball

16 october 2021 | Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne

The II Grand Charity Ball “Russian Treasures” was one of the biggest and most successful events of the post-pandemic period. Life and dance as one of its brightest embodiments finally triumphed.

Maslenitsa Holiday 2021

14 march 2021 | online

Held as an online competition for Crepe Architecture, Songs, and Dance. It was attended by 25 contestants ranging from 3 to 25 years old, with a contest jury composed of: Alina Yarovaya, soprano, soloist for the Bolshoi Theater; Vladimir Ippolitov, lead ballet star, soloist for the Mariinskiy Theater and the Geneva Opera. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.

Total Dictation 2021

10 aprill 2021 | ONLINE

This was held online for the first time. A small number of people took part in the dictation. Everyone is waiting for a return to the normal “live” format for this event. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes.

Soldiers’ Camp 2021

1-9 September 2019 | ONLINE

This was the second “Soldier’s Camp Online” competition. Twenty-two children took part in the Talent Competition and the Immortal Regiment. The contest jury was composed of: Honored Artist of Russia Kamil Larin, and Oksana Mazhulis, member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Thanks to all the parents and children involved. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.


Maslenitsa Holiday 2020

23 fEBRUARY 2020 | Le Quai de Montreux

This was held in Montreux. About 1,000 people took part. This was a splendid holiday for both those with Slavic backgrounds and the Swiss. Performing artists: Furor Band from Tambov, the Lyudmila Dutruel Dance Studio. The host was Sergey Fedyanin. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Commune de Monteux.

Soldiers’ Camp 2020

9 may 2020 | Online

This was the first “Soldier’s Camp Online” competition. Twenty-nine competitors took part in 3 nominations. All the works were imbued with inspiration and pride for their homeland. The contest jury was composed of: Honored Artists of Russia Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov, the Quartet I theater. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.

Total Dictation 2020

17 october 2020 | Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

We miraculously “slipped through” the quarantine’s corridor, and the dictation turned out to be “regal”. It was in the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes, in the legendary hall where Russian aristocracy used to stay. The dictation was attended by 40 people, with 5 outstanding students. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes.


Maslenitsa Holiday 2019

9 march 2020 | Domaine de Pra Roman

This was held in a cozy place called Domaine de Pra Roman, overlooking Lausanne. About 200 people took part. The performance of the Furor Band, the Malachite group, and the host Sergey Fedyanin cheered up everyone with their sincerity and enthusiasm. 420 CHF was raised for the Lifeline Foundation. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.

Total Dictation 2019

13 APRIL 2019 | Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

This took place at the Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes for the second time. The dictation was attended by 50 Russian scholars and 6 foreigners studying it for the TruD test. Three people were outstanding students from among the Russians, as was 1 participant in the TruD. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes.

Soldiers’ Camp 2019

12 MAy 2019 | Domaine de Pra Roman

This was held in a cozy place called Domaine de Pra Roman, overlooking Lausanne. About 200 people took part. There were competitions and dances, a concert program, and the Immortal regiment. For the first time during the game called Zarnitsa, the teams underwent drill training. The shish-kebabs and soldier’s porridge were a success. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.

Septembre Musical 2019

1-9 September 2019 | Montreux-Vevey

Eleven events were held for the OFF Festival: the official opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, an exhibition of children’s drawings, conferences, a discotheque, a handicraft workshop, a film festival, and a gala dinner with Valeriy Gergiyev. The host of the event was Sergey Fedyanin. The OFF Festival’s sponsors were: Retripa, BCV Banque.


Goluboi Ogoniok (Blue Light) 2018

13 January 2018 | Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

Eastern Orthodox Old New Year. The embodiment of the TV program in the format of a gala dinner and a concert program.Sixty guests participated, as did the Furor Band musical group, and the event was hosted by Sergey Fedyanin. There was music from all generations and many countries. There were also comedian contests, much laughter, and surprises, with dances and Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden in attendance. Partner: Hotel des Trois Couronnes.

Maslenitsa 2018

17 February 2018 | hotel Royalp, Villars-sur-Ollon

This was held in the ski resort of Villar-sur-Ollon, at the Royalp hotel. It was unforgettable for the few participants that did attend – those who were not afraid of the bad weather. There were competitions, dances, Russian cuisine, live music, and burning effigies in the rain! Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Hotel Royalp.

Total Dictation 2018

14 APRIL 2018 | Hotel des Trois Couronnes

This took place at the Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes for the first time. Forty-two people took part in the dictation, and 1 student “distinguished himself” this time. This event subsequently became a regular one, and was loved by everyone who took part in it for the first time. Partner: Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes.

Soldiers’ Camp 2018

12 may 2018 | Blonay, les pleiades

This was held at an altitude of 1,200 meters, in a picturesque place called Les Pléiades. About 300 people participated, with the Immortal Regiment, a contest with soldiers’ songs, a concert, and the game Zarnitsa. Shish-kebabs, soldier’s porridge, and potatoes roasted over an outdoor fire were served. An action held by Lifeline raised 310 CHF. Supported by: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne. Partner: Commune de Blonay.

A private milestone birthday held in a castle

19 Mai 2018 | château de Coudrée, France

A birthday celebration in medieval style at the Château de Coudrée on Lake Geneva. This is full immersion in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, with a medieval ball, dinner in the castle hall, and transformation into dancing in the 1990s. There are performances by artists ranging from a fire tamer and sword fighting to a live romance and a DJ.


Maslenitsa Holiday 2017

26 february 2017 | champerY, Valais

This took place at the Champery ski resort, and there were about 500 participants. The city center was turned into a Russian village, with crepes and dumplings served, Russian samovar tea urns, and souvenirs. Groups from Switzerland and Russia performed. There was a grandiose burning of an effigy that occurred at an altitude of 1,700 meters, surrounded by mountains with a round dance. Partner: Commune Champery.

A private ball for a milestone birthday

March 2017 | Hôtel majestic, montreux

A birthday ball was held at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux. It was hosted by Sergey Fedyanin. Ballroom dances and games were conducted by choreographers Ekaterina Grafodatskaya and Dmitriy Platov. There was a performance put on by pop star Ingrid, a screening of a film prepared for the star of the day, with contests and quizzes. There was a gala dinner, and an after-party with a DJ.

Солдатский Привал 2017

13 may 2017 | Blonay, les pleiades

Прошел на высоте 1200 метров в живописном месте Les Pléiades. Участие около 200 человек. Бессмертный Полк, конкурс солдатской песни, концерт, Зарница. Шашлыки, солдатская каша и картошка с костра. Акция «Линия Жизни» собрала 310 CHF. При поддержке Почетного Консульства России в Лозанне. Партнер: Commune de Blonay.

An Evening of Russian Romance

23 September 2017 | Hôtel des trois couronnes

Alika Smekhova and Olga Kabo performed their Russian Romance program at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey. There was an evening with chamber music for 50 participants in the hotel’s historic hall, accompanied by a cocktail dinner.

“Treasures of Russia” Ball

27 october 2017 | Beau rivage palace, lausanne

This was held in cooperation with the Konstantin Khabenskiy Charity Foundation, and with personal participation on his part and by Boris Andrinov, Olga Tolkmit, Kseniya Bashmet, and the Plumage Studio Theater from Ufa, run by Khabenskiy’s foundation. Twenty thousand euro were raised. General sponsor: Corner Trader, along with 19 other partners. Supported by: the Russian Embassy in Bern.


Goluboi Ogoniok (Blue Light) 2016

30 january 2016 | opera de lausanne

This took place in the bounds of the L’HIVER RUSSE program held at the Lausanne Opera. There was a gala dinner with Quartet I and the Light Music Band. The format was unique, with live humor by Quartet I, dinner, music, and dancing. Two hundred guests were in attendance. General Sponsor: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.

Maslenitsa Holiday 2016

13 march 2016 | St.Legier, Vevey

This took place at a private estate in Saint Legier, and there were about 200 participants. A concert was held in which adults and children from the region took part. There was Russian cuisine with crepes, pies and dumplings. There were also competitions to display strength and dexterity, ingenuity, and various skills. The traditional burning of an effigy overlooking Lake Leman also occurred.

Soldiers’ Camp 2016

8 maY 2016 | St. Legier, Vevey

This event was held at a private estate in Saint Legier, with about 200 participants. In keeping with tradition, a minute of silence was observed. There was a contest with soldiers’ songs. A field kitchen served up shish-kebab to the participants from an incredible grill, and they partook of soldier’s porridge and potatoes roasted over an outdoor fire. The cornerstone for future Soldiers’ Camp events was laid down.

Russian Parlors

25 october 2016 | Hôtel des trois couronnes

This was a presentation given for potential partners and sponsors for the Russian Parlors project that was held by its creators, Zlata Smirnova and Daria Ivanovskaya. A classical music concert was performed by Anastasia Subrakova on the violin. Then there were friendly cocktails and pleasant chatting among a small group of people.

The Great Gatsby ballet

11 november 2016 | Theatre de Leman, Geneva

This was co-produced along with Aygelia Murzabekova at the Great Gatsby ballet show in Geneva. The stage director and choreographer was Dwight Rhoden, with music by Konstantin Meladze and Yuriy Shepeta, who are dancers with the Mariinskiy Theater, the Kiev Opera and Ballet Theater, and the Complexions Contemporary Ballet in the US. All 1,200 seats at the Leman Concert Hall were occupied.

New Year’s Party 2016

12 december 2016 | Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

This was a children’s New Year’s party attended by about 100 children and their parents. It happened at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes, with participation by the Plumage Theater Studio from Ufa, which put together a unique performance in 2 languages especially for this event. General Sponsor: the Russian Honorary Consulate in Lausanne.


Agutin’s Gala Night

12 december 2015 | Montreux palace hotel

This was a distinctive concert by the genius Leonid Agutin and the Esperanto group at the Montreux Palace Hotel, with 300 guests in attendance. The format it took on was a cocktain dinner, with a gala concert followed by an after-party. It featured Pierre Lurton, the producer of the legendary Château d’Yquem. Sponsors: Lasvit, Antiquorum, and various partners.

A Great Gatsby-Style Party

07 march 2015 | Le Baroque, Geneve

This was a stylized party held with the participation of 100 guests at the Le Baroque Club in Geneva. An interactive entertainment club program was set up with the host Sergei Fedyanin and DJ Mela from Moscow. A dance show was put on by Daniel Juvet & Zuzane Sukorova, and people danced until the dawn.


Comedy Club Gala Night

6 december 2014 | Montreux Palace hotel

This was a gala evening at the Montreux Palace Hotel, and was initiated and co-produced with the Festival de Rire, with 300 guests attending. A cocktail dinner and show with Timur Batrutdinov, Alexander Nezlobin, and Musical Comedy rocked the Swiss Riviera. Sponsors: MOBIMO, FERDINAND LOCHER, FIDUS, and various partners.