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An exclusive event with a professional
wine steward

A wine degustation could serve as a notable occasion for a date. It can instill some glamor into a bachelorette party, or supplement a corporate party. Or – it could turn into a carefully devised, stand-alone event.

Our tastings were described most accurately and expressively by their host, a top-rated sommelier:
“I have dedicated my life to show you in a new light nature’s gift turns into magnificent nectars – ones in which the terroir is reflected in all its manifestations.

Travel with our sommeliers through the universe of wines. Explore how the taste of Château d’Yquem has changed from year to year, at “vertical” wine tastings. Or compare the same varieties of Swiss table wines from neighboring regions at “horizontal” ones. Learn how to roll wine across your palate, and discern the finest subtleties present in the wine taster’s palate.

For sophisticated connoisseurs, we have tours throughout Switzerland, Italy, and France. You will visit renowned masters who produce world-famous wines. Drop by small, family-run vineyards that produce a couple dozen bottles a year. And, if we can be honest, we do not know where you will like it more. After all, wine is like life itself: to each his own.

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