Theme party

If you want to surprise people,
do it to the fullest!

Have you ever thought what would happen if you wound up in the universe of Star Wars? And whom would you become in the court of Louis XIV? And whom would you thank if you were awarded an Oscar?

A themed event gives you the opportunity to turn from serious adults into children enraptured by a game. To plunge headfirst into another life. To try on an unusual role. And, perhaps, to find out something new about yourself.

The effect of complete immersion is created from hundreds of details that would be difficult to keep track of on your own. That is why we suggest entrusting us with the process of doing that. Enjoy yourself wholeheartedly, and without having to think about whether the musicians will arrive on time.

We will help you decide on the theme. For example, for a corporate event we will elaborate a concept that reflects the company’s activities. For those who cannot decide what the celebration should be like, we have an entire playbook filled with various scenarios. If you already have a ready-made image in mind, we will figure out how to make it come true. Or together we can create a mix of styles and genres! A dark, Gothic carnival, a neon fantasyland about Alice’s adventures on alien worlds, or a disco party at a nobleman’s estate – our creative experts will lend their support to any idea, and turn it into reality.

After an idea has been defined, the complex technical work begins. A place for the event needs to be chosen. The decorations need to be bought, rented, or crafted. Guests need to be invited, told in detail about what kind of dress code there is, and, if necessary, helped make their choices. A detailed script needs to be written, contest need to be devised, and negotiations held with the performing artists. But we take all that upon ourselves. And your only concern should be picking out the most terrific costume!

ARE YOU PLANNING AN EVENT? We are ready to implement your Idea