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neurographics workshop

Neurographics is a method of creatively transforming the world from the real to the desirable by means of a special drawing method.


25 january 2023


18:00 – 21:00


Vins bio, France


natalia perlotto


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1 workshop 129 CHF
3-masterclass subscriptions CHF 329
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Наталия Перлотто

about the master:

natalia perlotto

Neurographics is a method of creative transformation of the world from the real to the desirable. As Pavel Piskarev, the author of this method says: One shouldn’t give up on desires! They are worth to bring them to life! We do not know what the coming year 2023 will be like, but we are already planning it. We dream and tune ourselves to live it in the best possible way. Let there be at least one very important and positive event in every month. Plan them for yourself, so that when you sum up the results of the year you will be able to say to yourself, ‘That was great!

A word about the Master:
My name is Natalia Perlotto, I’ve been a neurographics instructor and aesthetic coach since 2022. Neurographics burst into my life at the end of 2021 and filled it with creativity. Helped my development and self-actualization. I want to share with you a vision of the world through creativity. You would think, how is it possible to recharge for a successful year through a simple drawing? It turns out it is possible, and not only!

about sommelier:

Anna Schenk

My name is Anna Schenk, born in Armenia, in Ararat — one of the cradles of vineyards and viticulture.

Since I was a child, I was surrounded by fruit trees, vines and flowers growing in and around our garden. This experience is certainly one of the reasons that led me to love and appreciate the notes of aromas and later to develop my knowledge of wine and perfumes.

I learned to love working in the vineyard in Montreux, which was planted by my husband in the 1980s. The sommelier diploma allowed me to deepen my knowledge and cultivate this passion even more.

Being a member of the Association of Swiss Sommeliers allows me to discover magnificent vineyards in Switzerland and abroad and each wine I present to you is a favorite and has its own story.

Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of the vast and interesting world of fragrances and flavours and invite you to discover this fascinating world with me.