My Hypno-Parfume

creating your own unique personal fragrance

This is a fascinating journey into the world of fragrances and scents that influence our subconscious mind. You will learn about the power of scent and be able to create your own scent in order to achieve your intention or desire.


8 june 2023


18:00 – 21:00




anna shenk

Мой гипно-парфюм

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1 workshop 129 CHF
3-masterclass subscriptions CHF 329
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About the master:

anna schenk

Originally, scents and fragrances were perceived as something divine. From ancient times, rulers and pharaohs used oils and incense for religious celebrations and for expensive gifts. We know that the perception of scents is subconscious and that our body is always reacting to scents and smells. There is no time for scents as well as the subconscious mind, the past, the present and the future exist in a single moment. Hypnoparfumery allows you to solve issues that we cannot solve consciously, imagining the state in which your dream has come true, feeling it fully and from these feelings create a fragrance that will be associated with this state. Together with Anna Schenk, you will immerse yourself in the world of fragrances and scents and create a fragrance that will help you realise your intention or desire sooner.

A word about the master:
My name is Anna Schenk and I am a hypno-perfumery specialist. My fascination and interest in fragrances and scents began long ago, with the study of wines and conducting wine tastings. Later, all my transformation and self-development led me to perfumery and hypnoparfumery.

about sommelier:

Anna Schenk

My name is Anna Schenk, born in Armenia, in Ararat — one of the cradles of vineyards and viticulture.

Since I was a child, I was surrounded by fruit trees, vines and flowers growing in and around our garden. This experience is certainly one of the reasons that led me to love and appreciate the notes of aromas and later to develop my knowledge of wine and perfumes.

I learned to love working in the vineyard in Montreux, which was planted by my husband in the 1980s. The sommelier diploma allowed me to deepen my knowledge and cultivate this passion even more.

Being a member of the Association of Swiss Sommeliers allows me to discover magnificent vineyards in Switzerland and abroad and each wine I present to you is a favorite and has its own story.

Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of the vast and interesting world of fragrances and flavours and invite you to discover this fascinating world with me.